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 is Billy Kidd's full 90min Theatre Show. It premiered in the UK at Krowd Keepers Magic Theatre in Bath in 2019 followed by a successful six week residency in the USA at Pittsburghs Liberty Magic Theatre and at the Palladium in Seattle Washington. In 2024 Liberty Magic remounted the show as it was a great success.

A show, a true story, about Adulthood and the journey to why every little kid hates Billy Kidd. Bubble wrap, candy and a Monkey play integral parts as Billy mixes magic, theatre, and reality so much so until the audience kills their old babies!

Wait?? What??

To Find out Why and How BOOK NOW. 




Bridging The Gap fuses magic, comedy, surrealism at Liberty Magic

".....with Billy Kidd what you see is VERY impressive. Even without the theatrical overlay, these tricks would be undeniably amazing. But it's the element of theatre that makes her different. With her oddball sense of humor, quirky energy and mingled  UK/USA accent, Billy Kidd's Doctor Who-esque energy and enthusiasm is infectious. Watching Kidd perform feels like watching one of the great stage-comedy "characters" in an early outing, like how audiences must have felt seeing Dame Edna or Pee-Wee Herman before they broke big. It's especially telling that Kidd ends her show not with a spectacular trick, but with a theatrical bit: she lets the magic serve the story, but it's the story that sends us home.


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