Italy, Scotland, and Portugal…Oh My!

Summer is officially over!  After performing in China for a month I had the opportunity to continue my mostly new/non english speaking street show for Masters of Magic in Turin Italy. We toured to small villages in the mountains around Italy and performed for the tourists and locals. It was great fun filled with even greater food. It was my first time performing magic in Italian and I had to learn quickly. I love taking on the challenge of performing my show in foreign languages.

After Italy I flew straight to Edinburgh Scotland for the Fringe Festival. This festival is a beast. Its very very hard work, long hours and lots of competition. If you are a street performer who wants to perform at the Fringe please do  your homework. Its a tough one for so many different reasons. All in all a good laugh and great to see so many amazing shows and meet up with old and new friends. img_0714

After Edinburgh, a quick week off performing at Krowd Keepers Magic Theatre in Bath and then off to Portugal for the 20th Anniversary of Encontros Magicos. This is a fantastic magic festival and it had been 7 years since I was last there. Luis de Matos and team are simply amazing to work for. Every day I was performing shows in the streets of Coimbra along with other magicians from all around the world. It was a great brain switch from learning Chinese, to Italian, to Scottish, to Portuguese.

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