Krowd Keepers Magic Theatre


As a magician its very important to constantly find the opportunity to keep performing. The only way a magician can hone in an act, polish routines and be constructively criticised is by performing for the lay public regularly. The life of a magician can be very lonely as so much practice and study is done in private and it surprises me to learn how many magicians in the industry hardly ever perform for lay people.  I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to perform every week in Bath, England at Krowd Keepers Magic Theatre

The shows run every Friday and Saturday at 8pm Upstairs at the Ale House Pub.Tickets can be purchased in advance here OR at the door. Its a small theatre and we can only hold 40 people but the intimacy adds to the atmosphere and the quality of magic that we do. We do suggest an age limit of 10+ as magic is not just for kids.

Krowd Keepers is my weekly venue where I can play, try new magic out, and perform constantly to lovely lovely audiences. I hope to see you there sometime soon.


Posing on the stage at Krowd Keepers Bath’s only Magic Theatre.


Audience having a fantastic time watching magicians perform at Krowd Keepers Magic Theatre


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