The Next Great Magician on ITV

When I was first introduced to magic around 8-9 years ago it was during a time in my life where I was training on aerial silks, rope, and static trapeze with my colleagues at Firefly Theatre in Edmonton, AB Canada. We put together a show and I was challenged by Firefly theatre to see if I could combine magic and aerial arts together. I was a baby beginner at both art forms but decided to come up with 3 different routines using the apparatus. Its quite embarrassing to look back at the lack of technique in magic and circus but this is what I came up with….Billy Kidd Silks & Card Trapeze

At that time I had no idea I was going to go deeper into a magical career. I also had no idea that by putting  this on youtube would generate numerous requests to perform this routine at other events and television programs in the future. I successfully avoided performing this routine for 8 years until I got called to appear in The Next Great Magician on ITV in the UK. So I thought maybe its time to retrain on the Trapeze, maybe its time to finally get this over with and recreate my magical trapeze act again. So challenge #2 accepted. But wait…I totally have lost all my skills on the Trapeze. This is going to be a problem!

So I got a private coach, the wonderful Nicole A’Court Stuart at the Island circus space in Bristol and trained for 3 months. Trapeze is hard! very hard! It requires so much strength and focus. I had to redevelop calluses on my hands so I wouldn’t drop and die! I also had to learn how to speak while huffing and puffing keeping myself up while performing an already crazy magic routine with a bean coming out of my eye! To say the least I was terrified for so many different reasons.

The Next Great Magician on ITV.

Series 1 of The Next Great Magician on ITV.


Backstage with presenter / magician Stephen Mulhern.

Backstage with presenter / magician Stephen Mulhern.


Magic & Trapeze & Beans.

Magic & Trapeze & Beans.

So if you watched ITV on November 27th 2016 I am on episode 4 of The Next Great Magician hosted by the hilarious Stephen Mulhern and the beautiful Rochelle Humes. Lots of trapeze moves were edited out but at the end of the day I’m glad I took the challenge and also very glad its over. lol.

Here is a link to my performance on The Next Great Magician on ITV

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